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Solutions Pre-Intermediate, Workbook answer keys and transcripts, 2017


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Choices: Pre-Intermediate Workbook / Английский язык. Рабочая тетрдь

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Описание книги

Рабочая тетрадь с аудио CD-диском пятиуровневого курса английского языка «Choices» является частью УМК, включающего учебное пособие, онлайновое приложение MyEnglishLab, а также пособие для учителя с мультимедийным приложением на DVD-диске, CD-дисками для работы в классе и приложением для интерактивной доски. Предназначено для обучения в 7 и 8 классах общеобразовательных учреждений. Пособие подготовлено к изданию при участии Издательского центра «Вентана-Граф». Книга «Choices: Pre-Intermediate Wo…

Рабочая тетрадь с аудио CD-диском пятиуровневого курса английского языка «Choices» является частью УМК, включающего учебное пособие, онлайновое приложение MyEnglishLab, а также пособие для учителя с мультимедийным приложением на DVD-диске, CD-дисками для работы в классе и приложением для интерактивной доски. Предназначено для обучения в 7 и 8 классах общеобразовательных учреждений. Пособие подготовлено к изданию при участии Издательского центра «Вентана-Граф». Книга «Choices: Pre-Intermediate Workbook / Английский язык. Рабочая тетрдь» авторов Sue Kay, Vaughan Jones, Ирина Солокова оценена посетителями КнигоГид, и её читательский рейтинг составил 7.50 из 10.
Для бесплатного просмотра предоставляются: аннотация, публикация, отзывы, а также файлы для скачивания.

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Информация об издании

  • Переводчики: не указаны
  • Серия:
    не указана
  • ISBN (EAN): 978-1-4479-0813-5
  • Языки: Русский
  • Возрастное ограничение: не указано
  • Год написания: 2012


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Solutions Pre-Intermediate, Workbook answer keys and transcripts, 2017.

Фрагмент из книги:
The other team weren’t very good and we quickly scored three goals. But then we relaxed, I think. We thought ‘This is easy! We’re going to win. No problem at all.’ But then, in the second half, the other team scored three goals, so it was 3–3. And there were only five minutes left. But luckily we managed to score in the last minute and win the match.

Solutions Pre-Intermediate, Workbook answer keys and transcripts, 2017

2C Listening.
Adrenaline junkies.
BASE jumping is an extreme sport. It is similar to sky-diving, but there are important differences. Firstly, the jumps are much lower — usually no more than 600 metres. And secondly, there is no aircraft; instead, participants jump from some kind of bridge, building or cliff. The first BASE jump took place in 1912 in New York when Frederick Law jumped from the Statue of Liberty. In the 1960s and 70s, the sport became more popular, partly thanks to film-maker Carl Boenish. He made documentaries about BASE jumping and also thought of the name. He died in 1984 while he was jumping in Norway. BASE jumping is a thrilling experience but it is very risky too.

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учебник по английскому языку :: английский язык

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countable noun. 6 My parents read a lot. Use a lot after a verb when it’s without a noun. Page 41 Exercise 3b 1B 2A Page 41 Exercise 3c a enough comes before a noun b enough comes after an adjective Page 41 Exercise 4a 1 busy 2 cups 3 little 4 water Practical English Episode 3 Page 42 Exercise 1a 1 He says he is eating too much. 2 Because he eats out all the time in New York and the portions are very big. 3 He cycles in London. 4 Because he doesn’t have a bike. 5 She goes running before and after work. 6 Holly thinks running is very boring. 7 He could play basketball with Holly and her friends. 8 He needs to buy some shoes. Page 42 Exercise 2 1 S, M, L, and XL. 2 S = small, M = medium, L = large 3 A changing room 41

4 a receipt 5 £25.99 = twenty-five pounds (and) ninety-nine p 75p = seventy-five p / pence $45 = forty-five dollars 15c = fifteen cents €12.50 = twelve euros (and) fifty (cents) Page 42 Exercise 3a 1 They are too small. 2 He changes them for another pair. Page 43 Exercise 3b Just a minute, I’ll go and check. Here you are, these are an eight. Do you want to try them on? Yes, but there’s an added sales tax of 15%. Yes, I remember. Is there a problem? What size are they? I’m sorry, but we don’t have these in a nine. But we do have these and they’re the same price. Or you can have a refund. No problem. Do you have the receipt? Page 43 Exercise 4a 1 Rob went to Brooklyn. 2 He doesn’t show Jenny his new trainers. 3 Jenny goes running every morning in Central Park. 4 She wants to go running with him at 6.45. 5 Rob thinks it’s too early. 6 They agree to meet at 7.15. 7 Holly thinks Rob has a lot of energy. Page 43 Exercise 4a Rob Have you had a good day? Jenny Oh, you know. Meetings! Jenny Why don’t you come with me? 42

Rob Can we make it a bit later? Rob Say, seven forty-five? Jenny Let’s make it seven fifteen. Lesson 6A Page 44 Exercise 1a win – lose buy – sell remember – forget turn on – turn off start – end / finish Page 44 Exercise 2c 2 You won’t pass. 3 You’ll break your leg. 4 He won’t pay you back. 5 You won’t understand a word. 6 They’ll lose. 7 They’ll be late. 8 You won’t find a parking space. Page 44 Exercise 2e The future Page 45 Exercise 4a 1 They are both pessimists. 2 They are both talented musicians, passionate about the blues. Page 45 Exercise 4b 1 T (He is a pessimist and says ‘I am someone who is constantly expecting a plane to drop on my head’) 2 F (He says ‘If we do a bad show next week, … it’ll just stop.’) 3 T (He doesn’t think people will like it.) 43

4 F (When he was asked on a TV show why he was so pessimistic, he said it was because he was Scottish.) 5 T (Complete strangers come up to him the street and say ‘Cheer up.’) Page 45 Exercise 5a It helps you enjoy life more. Positive people are healthier and live longer. Page 45 Exercise 5b 1 Live in the present, not in the past. 2 Think positive thoughts, not negative ones. 3 Don’t spend a lot of time reading the papers or watching the news on TV. 4 Every week make a list of all the good things that happened to you. 5 Try to use positive language when you speak to other people. Lesson 6B Page 46 Exercise 1b 1 I’ll have a diet Coke 2 I’ll help you 3 I’ll change Page 46 Exercise 1c 1 promise to do something 3 decide to have something 2 offer to do something Page 102 Exercise 6B 1 I’ll have the steak. 2 I’ll kill it. / I’ll get it. / Shall I get it? / Shall I kill it? 3 I’ll answer it. / Shall I answer it? 4 I’ll go to the supermarket and buy some. 5 I’ll help you. / Shall I help you? / I’ll carry them. / Shall I carry them? 6 I won’t be late. / I’ll be home on time. 7 I’ll have the blue one. 8 I’ll pick her up. / Shall I pick her up? 9 I’ll turn on the light. / Shall I turn on the light? 44

Page 46 Exercise 2a 1st syllable: borrow, happen, offer, practise, promise, sunbathe 2nd syllable: agree, arrive, complain, decide, depend, forget, impress, invent, invite, prefer, receive, repair Page 47 Exercise 3a Possible answers I won’t tell anyone: When sb tells you a secret I’ll do it later: When you ask sb to do sth they don’t want to do at that moment, e.g. a teenager to tidy his / her room I’ll pay you back: When sb asks to borrow some money This won’t hurt: When a doctor or dentist is about to give you an injection I’ll come back and finish the job tomorrow: Builders and plumbers when they have started a job in your house I’ll text you when I get there: Teenagers just before they start a journey We’ll build new schools and hospitals: Politicians before an election Page 47 Exercise 3c 1 Steve was living in Torbay and Carmen was studying English there. 2 Because Carmen moved to France, and the long distance relationship didn’t work. 3 Because Carmen’s mother didn’t send it to her. Page 47 Exercise 3d 1 when the builders found the letter They gave it to Carmen’s sister. 2 when Carmen got the letter She rang Steve. 3 when Carmen called Steve They arranged to meet in Paris. 4 when they met in Paris They fell in love again. 5 last week They got married. 45

Page 47 Exercise 4a go = to move or travel from one place to another, e.g. go to the office go back = to return to a place, e.g. go back to work (after lunch) Page 47 Exercise 4b 1 A The shirt you bought me is too small. B Don’t worry. I’ll take it back to the shop and change it. I still have the receipt. 2 A Hi, Jack. It’s me, Karen. B I can’t talk now, I’m driving – I’ll call you back in 15 minutes. 3 A Could I see the manager? B She’s at lunch now. Could you come back in about half an hour? 4 A That’s my pen you’re using! Give it back! B No, it’s not. It’s mine. 5 A Can you lend me 50 euros, Nick? B It depends. When can you pay me back? 6 A I bought this jacket on the internet, but it’s too big. B Can’t you send it back? Lesson 6C Page 48 Exercise 1b owl 5 violin player 4 champagne 2 feet 6 party 1 flowers 3 Page 48 Exercise 1c 1 doing 46

2 talking 3 drinking 4 were 5 couldn’t 6 playing 7 saw 8 feel 9 remember 10 woke up 11 wearing 12 had 13 mean Page 48 Exercise 1d that you are at a party 1 that you are drinking champagne 5 about flowers 2 that somebody is playing the violin 3 about an owl 4 Page 48 Exercise 1f The woman doesn’t love him. Page 49 Exercise 2a 1 [P] I was drinking champagne. 2 [F] Maybe you’ll have a meeting with your boss. 3 [P] I saw an owl. 4 [PR] You are feeling positive. 5 [F] You are going to meet a lot of people. 6 [PR] You work in an office. 7 [F] I’m meeting her tonight. 8 [PP] Have you ever had this dream before? 47

Page 49 Exercise 4b owl brown, crowded, down, how, now, shower, towel, town phone blow, borrow, know, low, show, snow, throw Page 49 Exercise 5a 1 Are you afraid of the dark? 2 Do you think chocolate is good for you? 3 Is your town full of tourists in the summer? 4 What is your country famous for? 5 At school, what subjects were you bad at? 6 Are you good at dancing? 7 Do you often get angry with your family? What about? 8 Are people in your country very different from the English? 9 Are people in your country nice to tourists? 10 Are you interested in politics? 5 & 6 Revise and Check Page 50 Grammar 1a 2c 3a 4b 5c 6c 7b 8a 9b 10 b 11 a 12 c 13 a 14 b 15 b Page 50 Vocabulary a 1 waste 2 spend 3 lend 4 come back 5 teaching Page 50 Vocabulary b 1 buy — sell 2 push — pull 3 remember — forget 4 pass — fail 48

5 teach — learn Page 50 Vocabulary c 1 crowded 2 safe 3 noisy 4 south 5 museum 6 palace 7 mosque 8 bones 9 brain 10 skin Page 50 Vocabulary d 1 on 2 in 3 of 4 at 5 for Page 50 Pronunciation a 1 much 2 eat 3 won’t 4 snow 5 receive Page 50 Pronunciation b 1 impatient 2 interesting 3 invent 4 practise 5 decide Page 51 Can you understand this text? a No, he doesn’t. Page 51 Can you understand this text? b 1F 2T 3T 4T 5F 6T 7F 8F Page 51 Can you understand these people? 49

1 Three years ago Ian ____. c was working part time 2 When Yvonne talks about why she loves Rome, she doesn’t mention ____. b the food 3 Ben eats ____ sugar. c a little 4 Joanna says her friends ____. b think she is a pessimist 5 Anya often has bad dreams ____. a when she’s having problems at work Lesson 7A Page 52 Exercise 1d 1 to have 2 to make 3 not to be 6 to answer, to know 7 to do, to show 8 not to talk 9 to say Page 52 Exercise 1e The meeting starts badly, but ends well. Page 52 Exercise 1f 1 He arrives late; he calls them by their first names he gives his opinion too strongly about meat eaters; he doesn’t say anything positive about the food; he doesn’t offer to help with the washing- up; he doesn’t find out before meeting him if the father likes football; he wasn’t very good at answering questions about himself. His answers are very short, so the conversation dies. 2 He asks to see photos of Suzy as a child and he says she looked ‘sweet’. Page 53 Exercise 2a a2 b3 c4 d1 Page 53 Exercise 2b 2 to make (Rule 3) 3 not to be (Rule 2) 50

UNIT 1 1.1

1 spatial perception

How are vou? thought I’d

2 3 4 5

can’t wait to stay

8 I am writing to introduce myself 9 I would like to take this opportunity 10 I will explain 11 I look forward

fluent accurately mother tongue foreigner slang skills 8 native speaker

1 When’s the best time to learn a language? 2 Who was your first English teacher? 3 Where’s the dictionary? 4 Why did people stop speaking Latin? 5 What did Vou learn in the last class? 6 What does your name mean?

English in classes at school Dutch in evening classes (at college in the Netherlands)

1 Thailand a translator the Netherlands He spoke English. Because English is commonly used and they don’t feel pressure to learn another language. Japan

fiancée classmate boss member student employee godfather 8 teammate

1 employee 2 3 4 5 6 7

Email 2 needs to be formal.

12 go godmother

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1a 8 c

2b 9 b

1 are, found 2 3 4 5 6 7

won, was sleeping don’t like, didn’t tyou) tell Did (vou) hear, were driving Do (you) need, ‘rn staying ‘rn reading, didn’t finish get up, leave 8 ‘re waiting, was looking

2 3 4 5

aI aI aI aI

ii i ii ii

bl bl bl bl

by women men-said by women women-said by women women-said by women

C 2 Mai 3 Guy 4 5 6

i ii i i

Sergio Linda Avril

Conversation 1 Could I ask a question? In my opinion Conversation 2 There are a couple of things l’d like to ask about. For me, the most important thing Conversation 3 I have a questiono One thing I’d like to say is that Conversation 4 Can I ask Vou about that? l’d have to say

1 men-said 1 d

7 go 8 do 9 take

1 employee, boss 2 classmate, student 3 fiancée, fiancé, godfather, 4 teammate, member

Japanese in day-to-day

Jessie Which? How?

Maria Which? How? Ahmed Which? How?

2 3 4 5 6 7

equip further distantly instincts

to working with Vou ali

12 Yours faithfully

8 learning strategies 9 skill

2 3 4 5

UNIT 2 2.1 1 Crime, thriller 2 3 4 5 6 7

biopic fantasy period drama romantic comedy adventure disaster 8 action 9 docudrama

1 romantic comedy 2 disaster 3 biopic 4 fantasy 5 action/thriller 6 crime

‘ve never been, went 2 have Vou acted, ‘ve acted has traveled, has he visited — has won, won 5 lived, did they move :; Have Vou been, arrived — ‘ve been married, met _ Did vou enjoy, haven’t had

_ s/has been — ‘ve/have worked — ‘ve/have lived :: ‘ve/have gone to London

we’ve visited ~ we haven’t had ; we found ~ve left :: we’ve already — we’ve had

waited didn’t come

broke had run out Did Iyou) enjoy

8 hated 9 had reserved 10

ordered had said/said

Crash Earthquake Hostages Floods Fugitive Demonstration Attacked 8 Strikes

2 in 3 on at on In by in in

by on 12 on

_ = lHe :! = lHe

was twenty-four years old.l wasn’t speeding at the time of :»’E! accident.J lHe had a motorcycle accident and two teeth.l = ‘His favorite drink was coffee.J

Report A c 1 a2 b3 Report 8 c 1 b2 a3 Report C c 1 a3 b2

1 barely out of their teens 2 immortalized 3 rebellious attitude 4 a lasting impression 5 assumed

2.2 T 2 F

Rob 2 Gino 3 Danny, a friend people outside the station 5 Marianne — John Lennon

1 as soon as 2 During 3 While 4 Until 5 During 6 by the time 7 until

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Report A 1 A priest installed an electronic fingerprint reader in his church. 2 Warsaw, Poland 3 He wants to monitor whether the children attend mass or noto Report 8 1 There was a «Love Message Yelling Event.» 2 Hibiya Park in central Tokyo, Japan 3 Kiyotaka Yamana started the event to encourage people to be more romantic after his own marriage failed. Report C 1 More than a thousand tourists had to be evacuated from Machu Picchu in helicopters. 2 Machu Picchu, Peru 3 The ruins had been cut off by floods and mudslides.

1 told 2 say 3 told 4 told 5 say 6 said

1 This happened when 2 Well 3 50 4 Anyway 5 Before long 6 The next thing I knew 7 In the end 8 Anyway

1 happened 2 no 3 kidding 4 what 5 then 6 Dh 7 Really 8 amazing

REVIEW 1 ~ 1 2 3 4 5 6

slang native speaker accuracy bilingual foreign fluency

1 2 3 4 5 6

do Vou work for do Vou do do vou deal with did Vou start Do Vou enjoy did Vou apply

1 boss 2 classmate 3 teammate 4 mentor 5 employee 6 ~rtner

UNIT 3 1

‘rn taking dídn’t start

saw was looking

1 for by

jumped 9 isn’t 10

2 took, took 3 did, went 4 do, take 5 take, go 6 went, got

3 ••••. 4 ••••. 5 am

6 ••••. 7 to 8

was wearing hadn’t turned on

didn’t finish hadn’t gone

9 ••••. 10 11

really the (my opinionl

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

You’re welcome No problem Df course You’re correct Go ahead I see That’s right I understand Please continue

1 2 3 4 5 6

tell say tell say tell say

1 2 3 4 5 6

told stories tell jokes said sorry says helio told a white lie say what Vou mean

1 This happened 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

biopic, strike thriller, fugitive comedy, crash science, attack fantasy, earthquake disaster, violent period, demonstrations

1 4 6 7

fell did Vou go broke didn’t sell

1 2 3 4 5

1, waste 4, ahead 3, multitasking 2, prioritizing 5, leave

1 Oavid 2 Amber 3 Ruth

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Are vou going ‘re going are Vou going ‘rn going to take might ’11 give Are Vou doing ’11 spend

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Are vou doing are going out might try/are going to try ‘re/are meeting / ‘re/are going to meet ‘II/will be ‘re/are going to be is playing might go ‘II/will call

5 Oh, no 6

8 9 10

80 did vou do Finally

The next thing

a sudden happened then

CHECK 1 b 2c 3c 4a 5b 6a 7b 8c 9c 10b 11 a 12c 13c 14a 15b 16b 17c 18b 19a 20b 21a 22c 23b 24c 25c 26 a 27 c 28 b 29 c 30 b

I’ve gane to lunch. l’lr be back soon, Mr. Jackson called (earlierl. He didn’t leave a message. (He said thatl He will call again later. 3 My dentist appointment has been canceled. I need to rebook. 4 I’m at the movies. Your dinner is in the oven. 1’11 see Vou later. 5 l’rn going (to gol swimming after school-do vou want to come (with mel? 6 I’m sorry, I didn’t clean my bedroomI was late for school.

1 1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 B

aJ aJ aJ aJ aJ

bJ bJ bJ bJ bJ

great terrible tiny impossible fascinating

boiling furious delicious exhausted enormous

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

to used would used used would use used

see things that’s a good idea suggest we think about That’s fine not sure that I agree see what Vou mean How about if we

ali 3 on 4 recap 5 to 6 up


7 repeat B saying

1 Oid Vou use to spend your vacations by the ocean? 2 We didn’t use to have a dog when I was a child. 3 I used to love reading in the evening, but now l’rn toa tired. 4 I remember how I used to sit in my grandfather’s studio and watch him paint. 5 Children always used to play around on the streets in the old days, but there’s nobody here now. 6 They used to live in a big house, but they had to move.

exhausted risk taker

9 boss, fired 10 2

3 of 4

B use 9 10

1 /s/ 5 /z/

2 /z/ 6 /z/

3 /s/ 7 /s/

4 /S/ B /S/

1 at your earliest convenience 2 I believe I meet ali the requirements of the post 3 proven ability at 4 hands-on 5 regarding 6 I would like to submit an application

year term long short years’ Next

11 furious 12 hard working

000: successful, delicious, exhausted 000: interview, furious, difficult 00: tasty, leader, boiling, freezing 0000: competitive, impossible

are going to

is going to

is likely to

7 won’t B may 9 10

are going to might

a piece of cake

in hot water

my foot in my mouth close to my heart

the rat race give me a hand

Let’s face it

B my cup of tea 1 2 3 4 5 6

compete salary runs fired interview work

keep an eye on

run out of time

di fe fe

1 B 1 2 2

has to should

don’t have to

B have to 9 shouldn’t 1

Sentences 1, 4, 5 1 2 3 4 5 6

don’t have to

1 remember 2 forgotten 3 left 4 listen 5 hear 6 remind 7 funny B fun

1 2 3 4 5 6

used to live used to work used to study used to have would play would enjoy

1 2 3 4 5 6

didn’t use to have didn’t use to work used to enjoy didn’t use to wear didn’t use to stay would eat

1 2 3 4 5 6

1 2 3 4 5 6

1 2 3 4 5 E 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

have they will he doesn’t it

did we has it

opinions: I feel that, I think we should think about, The way I s~ things, Why don’t we, How about if we, I suggest we focus on, How about, I think we need to focus on responses: That’s OK by me, l’rn not sure that I agree, That’s a good point, I’m not sure that’s a good idea

CHECK 1 b 8a 14c 20c 26c

2b 3a 4c 5b 6c 7b 9b 10c 11 b 12a 13c 15a 16b 17c 18b 19a 21c 22b 23a 24c 25a 27a 28b 29c 30a

UNIT 5 5.1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

aren’t Vou didn’t she

1 2 4 5

genetic engineering nuclear power antibiotics electricity space travei communications satellites solar power vaccination

more expensive than better easier bigger heavier the lightest smaller cheaper

make: communications. vaccinations

Irei apple: tr~vel, /e/ polar: nuclegr,

much a little bit by far a lot a bit slightly

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

vaccinations electricity nuclear power computer network antibiotics space travei motorcycle

,A 1 •••••. 2)(

3 •••••. 4)(

Plan B is better because it is more clearly organized into advantages and disadvantages. The paragraphs are planned, and there is an introduction and a conclusion.

5.2 Not possible: 2 inquire 3 argue 4 questioned 5 replied 6 quarreled 7 look into 8 inquires

~ 1 2 3 4 5 6

2 question 3 look into 4 debate 5 response 6 investigating 7 inquired 8 reply 9 wondered

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

was funny, wasn’t it won’t crash the car, will he wasn’t a very good game, was it write to me, won’t Vou didn’t miss the last bus, did vou speak French, don’t Vou haven’t seen my watch, have vou

IA 1, 3, and 5 are genuine questions.

1 2 3 4 5

Which food about stress good for Vou eat rotting food amount of water turn into ice

2 3 4 5

dose smog rotting hatch

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

responsible useless creative easy effective successful valuable profitable

A 3 He wants to know if they have to bring anything. B 4 She wants someone to hold something for her. C 7 She wants someone to pick her up from the station. O 2 He wants to know what time the bank opens. E 1 She wants to know the way to the swimming pool. F 8 She wants to know if there is a post office near there. G 6 He wants to know what time the (afternoonl show starts. H 5 She wants someone to open the door for her.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

could, course know,sure you,of help, sorry opening, not tell, Let mind, Sure if, there

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

increases understand solve situations/things change distance breathing/breaths calmly

2 3 4 ·5 6 7

1 finds, willl’lI leave 2 will get, works 3 exercise, live 4 leave, willl’lI miss 5 willl’lI start, is 6 is, dance 7 is, eat 8 use, won’t get

2 3 4 5 6 7

specific-first general-zero specific-first specific-first general-zero general-zero 8 specific-first

conditional conditional conditional conditional conditional conditional conditional

If she were fast enough, she wouldl could play for the team. We could drive to your house if we had a caro My life wouldn’t be 50 easy if I didn’t have a supportive family. If I had the money, I would buy that house. I would write to my friends if I weren’t solazy. If you watered your plants regularly, they wouldn’t look dry! They would help in the house if their mother asked them. If I didn’t work on Saturdays, I could come to the barbecue.

9 ‘d/would make 10 wouldn’t let 11

1 No, of course noto 2 3 4 5

l’rn not sure. Let me have a look. Yes, of course. l’rn afraid I can’t. Yes, I cano

1’11tell him you called when I wi!I see him.

If they arrive early, will you

them to wait? If you wi!I come to the party tonight, will you bring a friend?

When I go to Krakow,

improve your English. 3

If you wi!I go to England, you will

I usually wi!I 6

see my aunt.

8 V 9 She will get angry if you wi!I say that! 10 1’lI/will go to the doctor tomorrow if I feel worse.

If I had more time, l’d learn to ski. If you didn’t work, what would you do? If they had to move, they wouldn’t live with me. She’d go out at night if her parents let her. Where would you go if you had the chance? I wouldn’t sleep if I drank that coffee.

1 2 3 4

5 The topic is what kind of people are likely to be victims of crime.

2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 are potential

9 satisfied 1

1 down 2

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

annoyed exhausting satisfied confusing embarrassed worried relaxing

Reasons: You’re irritated with someone, You’re frustrated about something, People criticize yOU. Consequences: You start to shout, Vou throw things around, Vou feel tense. Solutions: Vou do physical exercise, Vou try meditation, Vou distance yourself from the situation.

up 5 on 6 up 7 off 8 off

6.2 1 2 3 4 5 6

do, experiments watch, program get,seat hold,sale cut, hair raise money

Yes, íbecause she isn’tl paying attention to what’s happening around her. She isn’t looking at other people. Yes, (because they are cOncentrating on the map, notl the people around them. Yes, Ibeceuse he didn’t put the moneyl in his wallet quickly. No, (because of her positivel body language. She’s confident, she knows where she’s going, she’s looking straight ahead, and she’s probably moving fast. Yes, (because he’s looking at his feet and he doesn’t knowl who’s around him. Yes, (because rule number one of the street is: if you have anything valuable,l don’t show it.

2 3 4 5 6 7

1 2 3 4

Maybe, lt’s possible that, probably, in ali likelihood, In ali probability

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 5b

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Congratulations, fantastic terrible, sorry Well done, great news awful Have, lucky shame joking

4 5 6 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

discuss respond look wondering research investigate inquiries debate

can’t we haven’t they won’t we do Vou wasn’t it didn’t vou will Vou have Vou

Bad news, 6S I’m afraid. l’rn sorry fetoto have to tell Vou, but we lost the game. I have some good uAfsPtuAstel, news for vou. l’m afraid ef I have some bad news. There’s something wfte I have to tell Vou. You’lI never guess what is happened. Jt!s Unfortunately, we were robbed last night. I have something fetoto tell Vou.

electricity vaccination space travei genetic engineering solar panels computer network Nuclear power commercial airplanes

will die 5 I’d

6 didn’t 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

is slightly warmer are far more expensive than the most delicious meal was a lot easier than the simplest much happier a bit shorter than a worse place than

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

painful homeless responsible creative hopeless effective thankful messy

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The car’s broken down. My phone needs recharging. lt’s out of order. The printer needs fixing. Try switching it off and on again. It keeps making this strange noise. It doesn’t work anymore. We have to sort it out.

1 2 3 4

tell, of course if there’s, sure checking, course see,look

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

annoyed relaxed confusing satisfied embarrassing exhausted worried frightening

3 on 4

5 off 6 up

1 A: l’rn sorry to have to ~ tell vou, but the train has been canceled. 8: fflet That’s annoying. 2 A: I have e some good news for vou. 8: GSAQPstulstisA Congratulations! 3 A: There’s something I have to tell te Vou. 8: Oh. l’rn sorry fetoto hear that. 4 A: You’lI never guess te what. 8: That’s se fantastic news! 5 A: UAfsptuAste Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job. 8: That’s a real shame.

CHECK 1a 2b 3c 4c 5b 6c 7b 8c 9b 10a 11 c 12a 13c 14b 15b 16c 17a 18c 19a 20b 21c 22b 23c 24a 25b 26 a 27 c 28 b 29 b 30 c

UNIT 7 7.1 2 focus on 3 hard at 4 world-class 5 high achiever 6 believe in

7.3 1 b

Not Possible: 1 didn’t manage 2

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

‘ve/have been going ‘ve/have been waiting haven’t been sleeping ‘s/has been crying ‘ve/have known ‘ve/have been skiing have (theyl been living Have (youl been watching, íreallyl been enjoying

‘rn not manage to

an online course

distance learning a driver’s license

V aJ 8 syllables

have been staying

has been working

aJ 6 syllables

bJ 7 syllables bJ 7 syllables

been thinking decided

9 ‘ve/have been working ‘s/has been studying

1 on 2 in 3 to 4 on 5 on 6 for 7 about to

1a2b3b4b5a 6 b 7 b

UNIT8 8.1 2 I am really interested people. Actually 3

my mom says I am

toa nosy about other people’s lives. Whenever they’re arguing, I prefer to mind my own business.

Hayley has invited us ave r for dinner at her house.

think about pay attention to depends on pick up on have a talent for have access to succeed in rely on

1 hopeless, useless 2 gifted, talented 3 skillful 4 expert 5 have a lot of ability, for

couldn’t manage remember was could 6 to 7 wasn’t managed

1 2 3 4 5

are manage to didn’t able to

9 Do Vou can

has been happening

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 an MA

do able to

2 have an aptitude

3 close 2 him 4 THE LlFE DF WILLlAM 5 Background 6 leave people alone

She got to know her neighbors immediately.

Please don’t disturb

Dne thing that

gets on my nerves is

9 Xun hasn’t made friends neighbors 10

I keep to myself.

Have vou received

Do Vou have a pen I can borrow?

Is there an airport in the city? I’m going to Canada in the morning.

We live by the Pacific Oceano is an actor.

9 My brother 10 V 11 V 12

Oid Vou see the movie I told vou

about? I live in the United States.

She’s the nicest woman I know.

b, vi There are gooo restaurants in t.»le ;:; especially if Vou like French <000 3 f, iii I don’t know mucn about this city, but I like the archItecture. 4 a, v Ali of us lave thls place because it’s so friendly. 5 g, vii If Vou have enough time, go to the museum; it’s great. 6 c, viii There are toa many cars in most big cities. I hate traffic! 7 e, i I have lots of friends in this community. 8 h, ii I spent a bit of time in Brazil when I was younger.

industrial park parking lot

supermarket language school

shopping mall one-way street

11 brick houses 12 outdoor market 13

language school elementary school

brick houses traffic lights

11 a (five hours)

supermarket gift store

12 more 13 to!

but 4 of 5 to!

to! 7 to! 8 9

to trnonevl small 10 to!

14 15 16 17

1 a 6b

2 2b 7a

1 lt’s no problem. 2 Not at ali. 3 That’s ali right. 4 lt’s fine. 5 lt’s nothing. 6 Vou really don’t have to.

1 2j 9h

REVIEW 4 3f 4k 5b 10c 11 d

lt’s important that we work ftefflIy hard at this. 4 The key is to believe ef in yourself. 5 to!

3 1 clothing that 2 place in which 3 person who 4 name that 5 which has 6 thing that 7 who behaves 8 place where

10 farmhouse 11 online

A si/ver surfer is an older person, typically over 50, who uses the internet.

Dur company focuses at on quality software. 2 to! 1

Elisa’s neighbors are her parents and her brother’s family. Mark’s neighbors are «a couple of cows»/a farmer. Elisa likes this situation because they «help each other.» Mark likes the situation because he and his wife «just love the peace and quiet.» Elisa sees her neighbors every day. They work together, and they ali eat together once or twice a week. Mark never sees his neighbors, apart from the cows. Elisa has lived there ali her life. Mark has lived there for ten years.

14 shopping mall

1 help yourself 2 Excuse the mess 3 Make yourself at home 4 Be my guest 5 Have a seat 6 Put your feet up

feature like would best

1 2 3 4

Her granddaughter, Sonya. She didn’t really understand it, so she found it annoying. Most people who go online are under 50. Her family lives quite far away, and she doesn’t drive. They tend to use email the mosto

We’lI improve if we are practice day.

known been waiting 3 been reading 4 invited 5 been working 6 been learning 7 seen 8 met

O: 1,2,3,4,10 E: 5,6,7, 11 R: 8, 9, 12

became friends with got to know your own business over for dinner get along well

2 3 4 5 6

••••. , the best ones ••••. , the rat

fi the party,

••••• , t;fte a haircut

••••. , the moon

toa ffit!ftY much time, ••••. ••••. , a lot of pepper ••••• , t;fte Barcelona

9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Because Because math. Because Because scripts. Because game. Because science.

he has an aptitude l’rn absolutely

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

CHECK 1 b 2c 3b 4a 5c 6c 7c 8c 9c 10a 11 c 12a 13b 14a 15 c 16 b 17 c 1 8 a 19 a 20 b 21a 22b 23c 24a 25c 26a 27 a 28 c 29 c 30 a

1 who I spoke to was very nice 2 which we visited had a wonderful exhibit 3 where she was born is now under water 4 who is in the fashion industry, lives in Paris 5 where I grew up is now a theater 6 who is my best friend, works with my father 7 which lasted for ten days, is now finished

B: lt’s no problem. I can photocopy mine. B: That’s ali right. It didn’t hurt. B: Not at ali. We usually don’t start till 3:15 . B: No, it’s nothing. I didn’t even feel it. B: Honestly, it’s fine. Oon’t worry about it.

house calling car apartment news stores elementary

10 qualifications license apprenticeship learning distance online degree Master’s

We can’t play She can sing Are Vou able didn’t manage to wasn’t able to manage to clean could Vou speak managed to break

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

toa mt:teft many people

he’s an expert on the subject. he has a lot of ability in she’s gifted at the sport. they have a talent for writing

Conversation 1 Pete: Do I need fep to bring anything? Oon: No, it’s not t;fte necessary. Conversation 2 Kat: lt’s considered ee a bit rude. Conversation 3 Andre: Is this fep a bad time? Bella: Can Vou t;e come back in ten minutes? Andre: I didn’t et!ft realize Vou were in a meeting. Bella: Oon’t ee worry about it. Conversation 4 Nick: What should we t;e do? Tam: No, you’d better ee noto

1 2 3 4 5 6

have Be Excuse Make put help


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

discovery spread development progress advances movement revolution 8 invention

2 3 4 5

2 3 4 5

If Archduke Ferdinand hadn’t been assassinated, World War I wouldn’t have started. If people from Sutner hadn’t needed permanent records, they wouldn’t have invented writing. If William the Conqueror hadn’t invaded England in 1066, the English language wouldn’t have changed. If Charles Oarwin hadn’t traveled to South America, he wouldn’t have developed the theory of evolution. If sailors on the Ticanic had seen the iceberg, 1,595 people wouldn’t have died.

If I’d waited, I would’ve been late. If I’d been late, I would’ve missed the show. If I’d missed the show, I would’ve wasted my money. If I’d wasted my money, I would’ve been angry.

Ancient Greece, over 3,000 China, over 2,000 Ancient Greece/Korea, over 2,000 Egypt/Persia üranl, more than 2,000

enemy symbol installed infected crushed

bJ The History

A Ancient Greek toothpaste used oyster shells. B Hannibal used snakes as a biological weapon. C The Inuit played a type of soccer. O A rich English banker installed central heating in his house 50 he could grow grapes. E In ancient sculptures from Egypt and Persia, only kings or very important people had umbrellas.

al bl cJ dJ eJ

In 3200 ac, Sumerians writing. While As a result

Sam is generation Y: she was beeft born in the 1 9905 and was brought up in a world of social media, technological progress and globalization. Sam has a college education, a good standard of living and a busy social life. Sut she is miserable. According to recent research, unhappiness is De felt more often by this generation than the previous one. Some of the reasons may seem obvious: for example, unemployment and expensive housing are causing pressure for people. Nowadays, each graduate-Ievel job Irneaninq it requires college educationl is chased by over 100 people, and millennials are much less likely to have their own home than earlier generations. However, these are not new problems: such issues have been faced by young people for a long time. Instead, some alternative reasons have De been suggested by recent research: the first is that members of generation Y expect more from life than their parents did and are disappointed when they don’t get it. While generation X hoped for a secure job, millennials Y expect the job to be interesting as well as secure. Secondly, millennials Y been have been told to believe in themselves and that they deserve success quickly. In the past, it was considered normal to have to work hard for years, while millenials believe they should have a management levei job within a few years of starting work. It is these differences between expectation and real life that make generation Y less happy than its parents. So, how can someone in the Y generation be happy? The best way is not to give up dreams, but to understand that no job is perfect and any kind of success will probably only to be achieved by years of hard work.

One day a cure for cancer will/’II be discovered. 3 The files were stolen last year. 4 These photos were taken at the end of the war. 5 The missing people have been found. 6 The paintings are cleaned once a year.

2 3 4 5 6 7

over a quarter-century just over a century ago millennium over seven decades the generation just over two weeks 8 half a century

8 give 9 give 10

1 having trouble, having any fun 2 made a decision, made a profit 3 give me a call, give me directions 4 come naturally, came in first 5 give a talk, give instructions

1 around 1 880-1 895 2 1945 to about 1 960 3 A novel: Generetion X: Tales for an AcceleraCed Cuaure 4 Rebelling against their parents’ values, not wanting to work for the same company their whole life, listening to «grunge» music, playing video games 5 between 19805 and 1 9905 6 Love of technology, amazing networkers, constantly online, great multitaskers

Socrates say Iabout the younger generationl 2 begin naming each generation 3 people were killed in World War I 4 after the Second World War (from 1945-196OJ 5 wrote Millennia/s Rising: The Next: Greet: GeneraCionlfirst described Generation Y in detail 6 people used the internet in 2010 1

The auxiliary verbs are, were, has(n’Cl been and have been are contracted (said in a shortened wayJ.

9.3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 F (2.2 million peopleJ 2 T 3 T 4 F (Some people think the event is meaningless.J 5 T 6 F IHe doesn’t think the event helps people to change their behavior.l

brave charismatic exemplary influential inspirational creative original innovative

1a2b3b4a 5b 6a

5 right 6 Do 7 8

9 didn’t 10 Will

UNIT 10 10.1 1

9 recycled 10

9 packaging 10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 didn’t were had her 5 next 6 his 7 would 8 they

1 2 3 4 5 6

lights Eiffel Tower Pyramids Sydney change different

Jorge Irene Claire Claire Mariella Irene

2 3 4 5

A: I want to go to Spain because I’ve before.

T: How are you planning to travei? A: l’rn thinking of going by plane. T: Have you thought about taking the train instead? A: No, I haven’t, but it’s a good idea. T: lt’s cheaper than flying. 1’11show you some of the train routes.

A: DK. T: Have you decided where you want to stay?

A: No, I haven’t. Could you show me what accommodations

T: There’s an eco-farm near Valencia where you can stay for free if you help the farmer pick his olives. A: That sounds great!

suggested spending invited us to stay offered to take explained that it would be!explained that it was 6 recommended that we travei! recommended traveling 7 agreed to choose 8 warned us not to go 9 promise to write

1 refused to come 2 promised to call 3 decided to go 4 agreed not to go 5 warned us that 6 invited James to go 7 explained that the children 8 recommended buying

The words to, for, unstressed.

and that are

asked her, was planning

she was thinking

she’d thought she hadn’t, it was

would show her had decided, she wanted

9 could stay, helped 10

1 pleasant 2 water 3 yellow middle 450ft: liquid 5 pasta 6 sad because you don’t have

1 2 3 4 5 6

stand global part plunged attention raise waste

never been there

9 unethical 10 disagree

The writer doesn’t recommend the restaurant because they thought the atmosphere was uninviting, the service was poor and the food was not great, either. .

a 502 b c d e

Although 4 unless 5 such, that 3 While 1

no information no information

3 ‘» 4 ‘» 5 ‘»

10.3 1 passport 2 eheek in 3 aisle 4 boarding pass 5 X-ray maehine 6 board 7 priority boarding 8 proeeed to gate number 9 earry-on luggage

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

ereative original eharismatie exemplary innovative brave inspirational influential

2 3 4 5 6

c, i, I don’t have a elue. a, iii, l’rn fairly sure it’s Jane. f, iv, lt’s definitely not Sarah. d, ii, l’rn sure it isn’t Elizabeth. e, vi, I have no idea.

Oavid promised (invitedl us to his birthday party. Sentence 6 The tour guide refused (warnedl us about poisonous spiders. Sentenee 3 The doorman suggested trefusedl to let me into the elub beeause I was wearing jeans. Sentenee 7 I explained (offeredl to take her for dinner to say «thank you.» Sentenee 5 The teaeher invited (explainedl the grammar clearly 50 everyone understood. Sentenee 1 My dad warned Iprornisedl to buy me an ice eream if I behaved well. Sentenee 2 Minty offered (suggestedl going to Greeee for our holiday. Sentenee 4

3 me to 1

8 foundation 9 10

1 hadn’t helped, wouldn’t have finished 2 would have gone, hadn’t rained 3 ‘d/had studied, wouldn’t have failed 4 would have told, ‘d/had had 5 hadn’t seored, wouldn’t have won 6 would vou have done, ‘d/had missed

1 are sold here 2 isn’t produeed in England 3 is being built 4 was assassinated 5 wasn’t written by Samuel 8eekett 6 haven’t been told anything about the exam

1 2 3 4 5

organie energy-saving, insulated double-paned, on standby pre-prepared, paekaging seeondhand, reeyeled

2 Vou didn’t know the answer 3 Vou had been to Germany 4 Vou eould swim 5 Vou weren’t going to eollege 6 Vou would be there on Monday 7 Vou wouldn’t be able to help 8 Vou hadn’t spoken to Kevin

He asked me when sl:arteB the gaffie the game started. 2 He asked me if I 00 play/played any instruments.

4 V 5 6 7

He asked me why was-t I was erying. She asked me if slepl: ffi’, BaB1′ my baby slept ali night. She asked me if they BiB speak spoke English.

to take to give

9 to 10

millennium a deeade a week a quarter-eentury generation the nineties

Not possible: 1 well 2 a diseussion 3 projeet 4 homework 5 forward 6 problem 7 money 8 a break

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

misjudged, overeooked unbelievable, overweight disorganized, disobeyed reuse, reeyele disapproved, unethieal underestimate, renew disappeared, unknown

the most important

make sure Vou bring wateh out for snakes

it’s not very eommon

thing is to

if I were vou, I’d start

Vou need to take have a tendeney to take

Vou do, don’t paek to bring

on the whole

be eareful to eat you’d better take some


1 2 3 4 5 6

2e 3b 4e 5e 6b 7a 8a 10e 11b 12b 13e 14b 15 c 16 a 17 a 18 c 19 b 20 c 21e 22a 23b 24e 25a 26b 27 b 28 a 29 b 30 b

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